Disabling Mergify

Sometimes, you don’t want to have Mergify in your way. That’s understandable — there are always a few corner cases where automation could get in your way.

Disabling for some Pull Requests

You can use the disabling_label option in Rule. This is a GitHub label name that when present disables Mergify. The default label name is no-mergify. Just create this label if it does not exist in your repository, and apply to any pull request you want Mergify to ignore.

    disabling_label: no-mergify

Disabling for Sensitive Files

Use the disabling_files option in Rule:. If any of the files listed in this option is modified by the pull request, Mergify ignores the pull request. That is especially handy if you don’t want to manually merge some pull requests that modify sensitive files.

      - credentials.txt
      - prod-config.yaml

Manual activation

You can use the enabling_label option Rule: to only activate Mergify on demand. Again, this is a GitHub label name that when absent, disables Mergify.

That option is especially useful if you want to have a two-phases approval: for example, you can force the pull request to have at least one reviewer while not having it merged unless the ready-to-be-merged label is present:

      required_approving_review_count: 1
    enabling_label: ready-to-be-merged